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Are your services available statewide in Connecticut?

Absolutely, We Move Stuff covers the entire state of Connecticut for all your moving needs.

Beyond moving, what services do you provide?

We Move Stuff goes beyond moving to offer storage facilities, delivery, junk removal, and packing services. Our expertise spans residential, commercial, long-distance, and piano moves. Additionally, our certified movers specialize in assisting seniors with their relocations.

How do you protect my furniture during the move?

Rest assured, our certified movers use heavy-duty storage blankets and shrink wrap for full protection. Review our terms for more details.

What if my items are damaged during the move?

We adhere to federal mandates, compensating $0.60 per pound for damaged items. Read our terms for a comprehensive understanding of item protection.

How can I expedite my move?

Our certified movers prioritize efficiency. Organize and label your items for a smoother process. Minimize disruptions by keeping children and pets out of the way.

Do you operate in bad weather?

Yes, we move in ‘non-severe’ weather. Our certified movers use protective measures like storage pads and shrink wrap to safeguard your items.

What's the truck size?

Our moving fleet ranges from 16′ to 26′ box trucks.

Additional travel fee for multiple trips?

No, a single flat-rate travel fee is charged per truck for your entire move.

When does the timer start?

Timing begins upon arrival and stops once you confirm the completion of the move.

Can boxes without lids be moved?

All boxes must be covered. If there is no cover, repack or let our certified movers repack for a fee. Review our terms for details.

Do you hire day laborers or have your own employees?

We only use our trained and certified employees at We Move Stuff. Our dedicated team ensures quality service.

Are you licensed and insured?

Yes, We Move Stuff is fully licensed and insured for worry-free service. Our certified movers are trained to make your day stress-free and enjoyable.

What forms of payment do you accept?

We Move Stuff accepts credit cards, cheques, or cash payments for your convenience.

Will you disassemble and reassemble my bed?

Our certified movers handle the disassembly and reassembly of standard beds. Custom-made beds or baby cribs should be disassembled before our arrival, and we’ll carefully move them for you to reassemble at your new home.

Any additional moving tips?

Top tip: Keep it simple and organized! Label boxes, group items from the same area, and gather supplies beforehand. Take your time for a smooth move, just as we do. Rushing invites accidents; we prioritize careful moves.

Can you assist with long-distance moves?

Certainly, We Move Stuff offers long-distance moving services up to 16 hours in any direction from Connecticut.

Why opt for We Move Stuff and Storage?

We stand out by fostering a positive community spirit—supporting our employees, customers, partners, and neighborhoods. Embracing a family-centric approach, we believe in giving back to the community that supports us. Our commitment extends to building lasting relationships based on honesty, trust, and consistently exceeding expectations.

What does the travel fee include?

Our flat-rate travel fee covers both the journey to your location and the return to our office—ensuring transparent pricing with no surprises.

What if my home sustains damage during the move?

We address cosmetic damage to walls, floors, and ceilings. Structural damage will be handled by our insurance agent or settled accordingly.

Is tipping mandatory for workers?

While tipping is appreciated, it’s not obligatory.

How do you protect flooring?

We offer complimentary protection for hardwood and tile floors upon request. A full carpet shield is available for a nominal fee. Your move is stress-free and safeguarded.

What if items don’t fit on one truck?

Upon assessment, we’ll determine if multiple trucks are needed. If so, we’ll manage additional trips or trucks as required.

Do you offer fixed rate quotes?

We primarily offer hourly-rate service, but for larger moves, we provide onsite assessments and estimated flat-rate prices.

Can you transport plants?

Yes, we can move plants, although we recommend moving them separately to prevent damage.

Upon booking, please review our terms for detailed information on how we protect your belongings.

How is furniture protected during the move?

We use shoulder harness straps and padded dollies. Certified movers may wrap items for added protection. Review our terms for details.

Do prices change on weekends?

Peak pricing may apply during busy times, but upfront rates are provided in estimates. No surprises on move day. Plan with confidence!

Are there any hidden fees?

No hidden fees here. We prioritize transparency at We Move Stuff. All pricing is upfront and all-inclusive.

Do you specialize in moving all types of pianos?

We move upright (spinet), console, baby grand and grand pianos.

Which items do you not move?

Explore our list of non-movable items:

  • Valuables: Jewelry, Paintings, Chandeliers, Fine Wines
  • Items like Ammunition, Firearms, and Combustibles
  • Appliances or Gas-containing Items
  • Automobiles
  • Pets
  • Propane Tanks

Have a specific request? Call us for accommodation.

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